Being Well Podcast: Chris Bailey on Maximizing Productivity with Mindfulness

Being Well Podcast: Chris Bailey on Maximizing Productivity with Mindfulness

I usually feel like there are more things that I want to do than I can reasonably accomplish in a day. I want to do my normal work-related tasks, but I’d also love to branch out and try new projects like starting another podcast, or a youtube channel, or writing a book. And then I’d love to learn some new skills, and have some fun along the way. But it’s hard to find the time, and it’s easy for our attention to be pulled from things that matter to things that don’t.

So, how can we be more productive, and improve our ability to focus on the things we really care about, without it becoming a source of stress? Chris Bailey, who TED described as “possibly the most productive person you could ever meet,” joins Forrest to explore how to get your brain to focus.


About our Guest:

Chris is the bestselling author of Hyperfocus and The Productivity Project. Chris’ wonderful TED talk, How to Get Your Brain to Focus, touches on many of the topics we explore in this episode.

Key Topics:

3:15: What does it mean to be productive?
5:00: A year of productivity.
7:00: What is the goal of productivity?
10:45: Defining success, and the Rule of Threes.
15:30: Our negative attitudes toward productivity.
18:30: Defining and finding intentionality.
22:40: Productivity benefits of meditation.
31:20: Finding fulfillment and working calmly.
36:15: Maintaining focus and productivity during challenging times.
41:30: The TV and your attention.
49:00: How to build our capacity for focus.

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