Being Well Podcast: Managing Bipolar Disorder

Being Well Podcast: Managing Bipolar Disorder

Today we’re continuing our focus on bipolar disorder by exploring some tools and strategies that people can use to help manage their symptoms, or help loved ones do the same.



This episode explores:

  • Whether we can “cure” bipolar disorder.
  • The difference between having an “episode” and having a “condition.”
  • Approaching chemical interventions. 
  • Psychological and lifestyle strategies that can help manage symptoms.
  • Dealing with situations where serious harm is a possibility

Depression and depressed mood are major problems for many people, and the material we’re going to get into today will be sensitive in nature. This includes material related to self-harm. If things start to feel uncomfortable, feel free to skip around or turn it off altogether. As with all of the episodes in this series, please remember that bipolar disorder is best diagnosed by a trained mental health professional.

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00:43: Is bipolar disorder considered curable?

05:16: How can someone begin managing their bipolar symptoms?

06:49: Is it possible to manage a manic episode?

09:18: The power of establishing routines.

10:50: Recognizing our vulnerabilities.

15:05: Managing stress and exercising self-control.

18:00: Shame, and recognizing our worth.

21:00: Self-harm.

28:00: Recap

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