Being Well Podcast: Intimacy and Autonomy

Being Well Podcast: Intimacy and Autonomy

Dr. Hanson and Forrest begin a new strength, Intimacy, with a discussion focused on how to balance two seemingly conflicting goals: maintaining our independence from other people while also forging emotionally intimate relationships with them.

During this episode, they cover:

  • How intimacy and autonomy work together to improve our important relationships.
  • How people who struggle with autonomy can work to build healthy boundaries with others.
  • Why there’s both a biological and social basis for person-to-person variation in desires for intimacy and autonomy.
  • The role of internalized oppressors in our interpersonal styles.
  • The critical role of freedom and choice in our relationships.



1:40: How does intimacy support autonomy?
3:50: What does appropriate autonomy look like?
5:30: How does autonomy support intimacy?
8:50: The importance of choice.
10:25: Is there a biological basis for preferences for intimacy or autonomy?
12:35: The ways we inhibit ourselves.
16:10: Where do our inhibitions come from?
19:15: How issues with autonomy can disguise themselves as problems with intimacy.
21:55: The oppression of the internalized audience.
24:45: Focusing on your own experience.
26:20: How to build healthy emotional boundaries.
29:00: Remembering when things went well.
30:30: Asserting your autonomy inside your own mind.
34:15: The importance of balance.
35:20: Recap

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