Being Well Podcast: How to Have Great Relationships – Attachment and the Self

Being Well Podcast: How to Have Great Relationships – Attachment and the Self

We all want great relationships – ones that are fulfilling, loving, stable, and fun. This is the first of two episodes focused on becoming a ‘great relater.’ Today Forrest and I focus on understanding our individual attachment style, and how we can work through our personal material. 

Join me for a live, online relationship workshop that will teach you how to have more fulfilling, effective, and joyful relationships than ever before. It’s seven hours of live teaching on August 15 and 16. Follow the link to learn more, and podcast listeners can enter code BEWELL50 at checkout for $50 off the purchase price! 

Key Topics:

0:25: Staying content while  striving for achievement. 

4:00: Information on the relationship workshop. 

6:20: Who helps you feel enlarged? 

7:55: Rick makes fun of Forrest…and managing different levels of standard. 

9:00: Building a good relator.

10:15: Attachment theory

17:00: Getting less attached to our attachment style. 

19:15: Insecure attachment styles. 

23:00: What issues does anxious attachment create?

26:00: A relationship between anxious and avoidant. 

29:00: Skills for relating with an anxious person. 

32:00: Finding optimal distance. 

35:30: Working through a dreaded experience. 

39:30: Exposure and blame. 

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