Being Well Podcast: How to Change for Good

Being Well Podcast: How to Change for Good

There are times in our lives when we recognize that something’s got to change. Today Dr. Hanson and Forrest explore a big question: What goes into making who we are, and how can we give ourselves the freedom to grow and change over time?

Key Topics:

2:00: What does “self-concept” mean?

6:00: Where does self-concept come from?

11:30: Different ways to understand childhood development.

17:00: Why is it so hard for people to change?

26:00: Social forces that prevent us from changing.

33:00: Three case studies of personal change.

34:00: Who owns the problem?

38:30: Do you really want it?

44:30: We can change if we’re willing to take risks.

52:00: Trusting yourself, and feeling validated.


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