Being Well Podcast: Healing Our History with Dr. Sherri Taylor

Being Well Podcast: Healing Our History with Dr. Sherri Taylor

It’s appealing to look at our lives as being entirely our own. We make the choices, and we’re in control of who we turn out to be. There’s a great flair of rugged individualism to that view, and it can be truly empowering when employed in healthy ways.

But the truth is that the past lives on through us today, and influences our behavior in a myriad of ways that we don’t control. It’s one thing to accept how history affects who we are on the outside, but it can be trickier to accept history’s impact on our inside; on the thoughts and feelings, on the “self,” however you define it, that makes us who we are.

Today we’re exploring how the traumatic past, including that handed down through the generations, can influence our lives today. And, alongside that, how we can keep going when times get tough.

About Our Guest:

Dr. Taylor is an assistant professor of somatic psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and also teaches in the clinical psychology doctoral program at The Wright Institute. Her scholarship and research interests include the intergenerational transmission of benevolence, resilience, and trauma, and she curates group trainings and workshops in the areas of anti-racism, diversity and inclusion, cultural humility, community mental health, and spirituality.


4:10: What is intergenerational trauma?

7:30: Adaptive strategies for coping with trauma.

12:30: The primacy of the body.

15:15: Reclaiming comfort in your body.

20:45: Sensorymotor psychotherapy

22:30: Being with grief.

26:15: How to keep going when this process gets hard.

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