Being Well Podcast: Getting the Most Out of Therapy

Being Well Podcast: Getting the Most Out of Therapy

Today we’re going to continue our conversation focused on therapy with a discussion ranging from how to pay for it to getting the most out of what happens in the room. 

As a practicing clinician for over 30 years, I’ve had a lot of people wander through my office. Some of them grew more from the experience than others, and there were some common traits – both on their side and on mine – that tended to lead to the process being particularly beneficial. Today we’re exploring that, alongside a host of other topics.

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02:20: How do you find a therapist?

05:09: What is an “agency”?

06:21: Determining if a therapist is a good fit.

11:06: Affording therapy.

23:00: Managing the experiences of shame associated with seeking help.

29:52: What can someone do to get the most out of therapy? 

38:01: Common pitfalls.

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