Being Well Podcast: Forgiving Yourself

Being Well Podcast: Forgiving Yourself

In our last episode, we began the challenging topic of forgiveness by focusing on the Generosity of forgiving others. But, however challenging it may be to forgive other people, we often struggle even more to forgive ourselves.

Today we continue our focus on forgiveness by exploring how we can give to ourselves as generously as we give it to other people. This includes:

  • Taking maximum reasonable responsibility.
  • Feeling appropriate remorse.
  • Making amends.
  • Seeing the larger causes.
  • Asking for forgiveness.
  • How to offer forgiveness to yourself.


0:45: Why do some people struggle to forgive themselves?

2:30: Why it’s good to forgive yourself.

4:00: Taking maximum reasonable responsibility.

7:15: Feeling appropriate remorse.

11:05: Making amends.

15:20: Seeing the larger causes.

17:15: The balance between taking full responsibility and seeing larger causes.

20:40: Asking for forgiveness.

22:05: Offering forgiveness to yourself.

24:40: Recap

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