Being Well Podcast: Forgiveness

Being Well Podcast: Forgiveness

Let’s say someone truly mistreated you, or made a serious mistake. After you deal with the consequences and assert yourself as you judge best, then what? When it feels right, there’s truly a generosity to forgiving someone else, which is often also a kindness to yourself.

On today’s episode, we explore:

  • Why we’d want to forgive someone who hurt us.
  • The two kinds of forgiveness.
  • How we can disentangle from others, or move to a full pardon for what they did.
  • Creating a coherent narrative around what happened.
  • How we can know when it’s right to extend a full pardon.



0:50: What are the two kinds of forgiveness?

2:20: The challenges of forgiveness.

7:10: The real goal of disentangled forgiveness.

8:10: What needs to happen before we disentangle?

11:10: Creating a coherent internal narrative.

14:45: Using forgiveness as a balm to our wounds.

15:30: Suggestions for disentangling.

21:40: How can we know when it’s appropriate to extend a full pardon?

26:45: Remembrance and responsibility.

28:15: A story of full-pardon forgiveness.

31:50: Taking a wide view.

34:15: Recap

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