Being Well Podcast: How to Deal with a Sociopath

Being Well Podcast: How to Deal with a Sociopath

sociopathyToday we’re going to continue our series on “Who Am I” by looking at one of the most well-known personality disorders: sociopathy. We’ll explore what it is, where it comes from, and what we can do to interact more skillfully with people who possess it.

We also spend a little time investigating how we can work with our own tendencies in that direction if we happen to possess them.

Some of the material we explore includes:

  • How a sociopath differs from a psychopath.
  • What are some of the key traits that define a sociopath.
  • What does sociopathy at the “5% level” look like?
  • Where does sociopathy come from?
  • What can we do to manage our relationship with a sociopath if we can’t just get away from them?


01:05: What are the definitions of psychopath and sociopath?

05:34: What are the attributes of anti-social personality disorder?

10:26: What does a person, showing a little bit of sociopathic behavior, look like day-to-day?

13:12: Where does sociopathy comes from?

20:16: What can we do when in a relationship with a sociopathic person?

26:37: What can we do to make our relationships with “5% sociopaths” more positive?

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