Being Well Podcast: Creating Your Developmental Story

Being Well Podcast: Creating Your Developmental Story

We’ve spent many episodes on this podcast discussing the importance of childhood experiences. We may understand this in a general sense, but things can get a lot trickier when it comes time to put our own story together. Part of the process of becoming a mentally healthy person is creating a coherent developmental narrative about how we became the way we are. 

This allows us to put our current traits in their proper perspective, while also putting us back in touch with our deep nature. Sometimes it’s possible to see a disconnect between the person we are now and the things that brought us joy as a young person. Reclaiming that deep nature can be a major source of increased well-being as an adult.

On this short episode, Forrest shares his personal journey with loneliness as a young person – and the importance of developing a coherent developmental narrative. 

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