Being Well Podcast: Can We Do No Harm?

Being Well Podcast: Can We Do No Harm?

Is it possible to “do no harm,” and should we even try? In today’s episode, Forrest and I explore what it means to do no harm, and the resources that can allow us to do as little as possible

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Key Topics:

1:10: Reckoning and repenting in this moment. 

4:45: What does it mean to truly do no harm?

6:45: How does doing no harm help us “be well?”

11:30: Reasons to take a collective perspective. 

16:15: Grappling with the reality of causing harm. 

19:00: The importance of repair.

22:30: Extending repair to yourself. 

29:30: Are there necessary harms?

33:00: Resources that allow us to do less harm. 

40:30: What happens when we stop being a danger to others?

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