Being Well Podcast: Building Relationships That Last with Dr. Stan Tatkin

Being Well Podcast: Building Relationships That Last with Dr. Stan Tatkin

Relationships are hard, and making them last is even harder. Today we’re exploring how we can be happier and healthier in all of our relationships with a wonderful clinician, teacher, and researcher: Dr. Stan Tatkin

About our Guest: Dr. Stan Tatkin is an expert on human behavior, and particularly the unique dynamics found in couples relationships. He’s the creator of PACT: the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy, and the author of six bestselling books, including Wired for Love and We Do.

Key Topics:

1:45: The importance of attachment

5:30: What happens when children are neglected?

9:00: Finding safety in our relationships

13:30: How to build safety through physical cues

19:10: Apology, and building a culture in our relationships

23:00: Finding common principles

31:00: Dealbreakers, and entering relationships intentionally

37:00: Fairness in our relationships.

45:30: Being and staying interested

49:15: Trusting your partner’s experience

54:50: The most important characteristics in a life partner

57:00: What’s the most important thing you do each day for your own well-being?

58:30: A message to your younger self

1:00:00: Recap

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