Being Well Podcast: Being More, Doing Less

Being Well Podcast: Being More, Doing Less

We’re somehow both more efficient than ever before, and, at the same time, busier than ever before. All of the many ways that we’ve found to optimize our performance has led to much more “doing,” and not nearly as much “being.” Today Forrest and I explore how we can get more in touch with being, and how by focusing more on “being” we might even be able to “do” more than ever before. 

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Key Ideas:

1:10: Rick making dad jokes. 

2:00: The difference between “doing” and “being.”

6:20: Getting wrapped up in doing that crowds out “being.”

10:15: Craving in the brain. 

15:05: How to grow what we want to be. 

21:40: Allowing “being” to create friction-less “doing.”

25:45: How to get in touch with the feeling of “being.”

31:50: Internal resistance to being. 

35:30: Who are you when you’re not scared? 

41:15: Recap


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