Being Well Podcast: Becoming Wise with Dr. Roger Walsh

Being Well Podcast: Becoming Wise with Dr. Roger Walsh

How can we bring together psychological science and contemplative practice, and what can we all learn from the world’s great wisdom traditions? Dr. Roger Walsh, a professor of psychiatry, philosophy, and anthropology, and expert on the world’s great wisdom traditions, joins Being Well to help us explore this central question.

About Our Guest: Roger is professor of psychiatry, philosophy, and anthropology, as well as professor in the religious studies program at UC Irvine. His scholarship has had a huge impact on the fields he’s participated in, and he’s the author of a number of wonderful books.

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Key Topics:

1:35: What drew such a successful academic toward contemplative practice?

7:30: Conflict and synergy between psychological science and contemplative practice

10:30: The challenges of translating ancient wisdom

12:25: The maturation of spiritual faith

16:30: What helps people move from one developmental stage to another?

22:00: The gradual process of self-development

25:15: Commonalities among the world’s many wisdom traditions

33:00: Things that hold us back

39:45: Therapeutic lifestyle changes

44:00: What can we do for the world?

50:50: Many small impacts

53:00: Non-judgementality and non-attachment

58:00: Recap

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