Being Well Podcast: Discovering Your Attachment Style

Being Well Podcast: Discovering Your Attachment Style

Attachment theory is one of the most influential frameworks in psychology for understanding how people behave in their relationships with others. In this episode, Forrest and Dr. Jennie Rosier explore what attachment theory is, how we can identify our attachment style, and what we can do to build a healthier relationship with our own style and that of others.

 Dr. Jennie Rosier is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at James Madison University, the director of The Relationships, Love, & Happiness Project, and the author of two books: Make Love, Not Scrapbooks, and Finding the Love Guru in You. She focuses much of her teaching and research on the communication skills needed to maintain healthy romantic and parent-child relationships. 

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01:05: A summary of attachment theory.

04:15: The attachment styles.

08:26: What do these styles look like practically in relationship?

17:08: How can people self-diagnose what their attachment style is?

20:13: Can you attach yourself to different care-givers differently?

26:22: Are any of these attachment styles more compatible with any of the other styles?

31:46: What can someone do to work with their attachment style, or help their partner work with theirs?

38:49: What do good communicators “look like” in these different attachment styles, as opposed to poor communicators?

43:58: A message to her younger self.

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