Being Well Podcast: Angry and Content

Being Well Podcast: Angry and Content

How can we maintain contentment, calm, or inner peace, while still aiming high, pursuing good goals, and experiencing natural frustration and anger? And is contentment even a good goal when there’s so much injustice out in the world?

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Key Topics:

1:45: Why contentment matters.

4:30: Can we be content when things are hard?

6:00: Being skeptical of the “wanting mind.”

8:30: How can we return to contentment when moved from it?

12:10: What’s wrong with being driven? Does contentment make us lazy?

16:20: Self-actualization and taking action from a place of fullness.

19:00: Staying content while performing basic tasks.

21:50: Contentment vs. complacency. 

25:20: Content while hurt or angry. 

29:30: How to build contentment when times are tough.

35:00: Can we be content and afraid?

46:00: Recap

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