Positive Neuroplasticity Workshops

LIVE WITH RICK HANSON | OCTOBER 15-17 & 18-20, 2016

Rick Hanson Neuroscientist

“We want happiness that lasts,
but stress and worry keep pushing it aside.

That’s the brain’s ‘negativity bias.’

I’ll show you how to beat it,
and fill yourself with real confidence,
calm strength, gratitude, and joy.”

Join New York Times bestselling author Rick Hanson, Ph.D. for a deep training in stable well-being in a topsy-turvy world.

Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT)

3-day workshop (Oct. 15-17)

Take charge of the structure-building processes of your own brain. Learn how to:

• turn your experiences into lasting inner strengths
• be kinder to yourself
• let go of anxiety, frustration, and resentment
• build resilience and self-worth
• heal old wounds
• refuel and nourish yourself each day

Professional Course (including the PNT)

6-day workshop (Oct. 15-20)

Help others change their brains for the better — perfect for therapists, doctors, nurses, coaches, educators, human resources trainers, and mindfulness teachers. Learn how to:

• explain the science
• teach the methods
• use practical tools to change habits and build motivation
• help people with stress, loss, relationship issues, and trauma



Techniques for lasting change


Experiential practices to grow strengths


Live Q&A with Rick Hanson


Audio/video recording for later review


Handbook of Positive Neuroplasticity

Registration is now closed for these workshops.

“So many good moments are just wasted on the brain. Instead, I’ll teach you the how of lasting change. Then you’ll gain the most of your experiences each day – seeing and feeling the genuine good in both you and the world, and weaving it into your brain and your life.”

-Rick Hanson

Frequently Asked Questions

About Registering
Do you offer Continuing Education Credits (CECs)?

CE credits will be provided by PESI. There will be 18 Continuing Education Hours available for each 3-day workshop. If you attend the Professional Course with the PNT included, you are eligible for 36 CE credits. Click here to learn more.

I'm coming from out of the area for the workshops – can you tell me about lodging and other logistics?

You can find all the information about lodging, transportation and other logistics here.

*Can I attend just the Professional Course?

The Positive Neuroplasticity Training is the necessary prerequisite for the Professional Course (PC), since the PC is all about using the specific concepts, methods, and practices learned in the Positive Neuroplasticity Training in occupational settings.


If you have already taken the Positive Neuroplasticity Training (or its precursor, the Taking in the Good course), you have fulfilled this prerequisite. If this applies to you, please contact us using the form on the right, and we will email you back to complete your registration.

Do you offer scholarships for those in need?

We do offer scholarships for the live-streamed version of the workshop(s) for those who cannot afford the tuition, and please fill out the form on this page: http://www.rickhanson.net/pntpc-scholarship-application/. (Since space in the in-person workshops is limited, we are not able to offer scholarships for these.)

What if I need to cancel after I've registered?

If for some reason you need to cancel your registration, simply contact us using the form on the right and we will issue a full refund.

About the Workshops Themselves
Where will the in-person workshops be?

The in-person workshops will be held at Unity of Marin, whose address is 600 Palm Drive, Novato, California, 94949.

What is the schedule each day?

Positive Neuroplasticity Training

Saturday, October 15: 10am-6pm Pacific Time

Sunday, October 16: 2pm-9pm Pacific Time

Monday, October 17: 9am-6pm Pacific Time

Professional Course

Tuesday, October 18: 9:30am-5:30pm Pacific Time

Wednesday, October 19: 9am-5pm Pacific Time

Thursday, October 20: 10am-6pm Pacific Time

Please note: There will be one 75 minute lunch break and two 20 minute breaks each day.

When will the audio/video recording of the workshops be available?

We plan to post the recording for streaming about two weeks after the workshops are over. Whenever you want, you’ll be able to review key points and do the experiential practices you liked best.

If I attend the in-person workshops, will I be able to access the audio/video recordings?

Yes! If you have registered for an in-person workshop, you will have access to the audio/video from the live-streamed version of that workshop.

Will the in-person workshop(s) be interactive?

Yes. One of the advantages of coming in person is the chance to interact face-to-face with others, plus speak directly with Rick if you like during the breaks. There’s also the power of being in the room as Rick responds to individual questions and needs.

Will the live-stream option be interactive?

You’ll be able to use a chat feature with others who are also live-streaming. During scheduled breaks, you can email Rick with questions or comments; because of the number of live-stream participants, Rick will get to as many questions as possible.

What if I can’t watch the live-stream when the workshops are happening?

No problem. First, register for the live-stream workshop(s). Second, soon after the workshops are over, we will make the audio and video recordings of them available for streaming by registered participants at their convenience, for at least six months after the workshops.

Can I watch the live-stream on my mobile device?

The live-streams will be available on most mobile devices. We recommend that you stream them over a WiFi connection if you do not subscribe to an unlimited data plan from your mobile carrier.

If I do an in-person workshop, will people be able to hear my voice or see my face in the live-stream or the recording?

If you ask a question, your voice will be heard in both the live-stream and the recording, and what you say is up to you. As much as he can, Rick will be available for questions during the breaks, which will not be live-streamed or recorded. We will also have a section of the workshop room available for people who do not want their faces shown.

How much overlap is there between the Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Rick’s other offerings (e.g., workshops, books)?

There is certainly some overlap, especially conceptually. This said, the 18-hour Positive Neuroplasticity Training distills Rick’s material down to the essence of self-directed brain change in an intensive, experiential, and comprehensive deep dive – which participants will apply to their own issues and opportunities.

If you want to get good at taking in the good – and growing the good for yourself and others – then the Positive Neuroplasticity Training is the most powerful, best way we know to do this.

I’ve taken the Foundations of Well-Being program. Does that mean I can take the Professional Course without also taking the Positive Neuroplasticity Training?

While the Foundations program, in its 4-hour Learning pillar, does cover the basics of positive neuroplasticity, the 18-hour Positive Neuroplasticity Training is the intensive, comprehensive, experiential exploration of the fundamental methods of self-directed brain change, systematically applied to building inner resources to meet our three core needs for safety, satisfaction, and connection.

The Professional Course (PC) is closely linked to the Positive Neuroplasticity Training and requires the in-depth knowledge acquired within it. Consequently, the Positive Neuroplasticity Training is the prerequisite for the PC – and having already taken the Foundations of Well-Being will only deepen the experience.

Is this like psychotherapy or other treatment for a psychological condition?

No. These workshops are not a treatment for any physical or mental health condition. They are educational offerings for personal growth, and not a replacement for professional care.

While it is possible that some participants may get in touch with “negative” thoughts and feelings during the workshops, the focus of the workshop material is on having and internalizing beneficial experiences, which are typically enjoyable.

It is presumed that participants can manage their own reactions during the workshop(s) without needing personal attention from the teacher.

Will workshop materials be available?

Yes. Before the workshops, we will email you a pdf of the Participant Handbook that you can download and read on screen or print for yourself. If you are coming to the workshop(s) in-person, we recommend that you bring the Participant Handbook with you.

The Handbook includes the PowerPoint slides that Rick uses, a summary of each of the six sections in the Positive Neuroplasticity Training, background information about the brain and practical psychology, checklists you can use for six weeks of taking in the good, tips for dealing with blocks, and much more.

Once I have completed the Professional Course, may I use some of the materials to give a small workshop or lead a support group?

Yes! You will be able to make use of some of the materials such as slides or handouts to lead groups, give workshops, or coach individual clients.

Will you be offering these workshops in other cities in the United States?

There are currently no plans to offer this workshop in person in any other cities in the United States.

This is one reason why Rick likes the online, live-streaming of these workshops: anyone can watch, at the time of the workshops or later, from anywhere in the world.

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