Positive Neuroplasticity Workshops: Scholarships

We offer scholarships for the live-streamed versions of the Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT) and related Professional Course (PC) for those who cannot afford their tuition, which is $97 each. (Since space in the in-person workshops is limited, we are not able to offer scholarships for these.)


The PNT and PC are about a deep, experiential exploration of lasting positive brain change. If you can afford their tuition, then we assume you will pay it. On the other hand, if this would be a financial hardship (as it could be for students, the disabled, elderly people on a small fixed income, folks who are unemployed or on public assistance, or many people in third world countries), then we hope you will apply for a half or full scholarship, using the form on the right.


We really want to make the ideas and methods in these workshops widely available, and we trust people in how they make use of these scholarships.


If you are applying for a half scholarship, you will be paying $68.50 for the live-streamed 3-day Positive Neuroplasticity Training, or $117 for the live-streamed 6-day Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Professional Course.


Please note: Applications take at least 48 hours to be reviewed. If you don’t receive a response within 5 days, please contact us.

  • Which workshop would you like to attend?
  • Are you applying for a full scholarship (100% discount) or a half scholarship (50% discount)?