Being Well Podcast: Don’t React

Being Well Podcast: Don’t React

On today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Hanson explains why it’s important to respond to challenges from the “green zone” of the brain rather than reacting instinctively from the “red zone.” He then explores the biology behind these two systems, the role of mindfulness in moving from one to the other, and how to combat the brain’s evolved negativity bias.

0:45: The difference between “responding” and “reacting”

3:05: Responding vs. reacting in practice
6:45: The biology behind responding and reacting
9:10: The negative cycle of reacting
10:20: If reacting is stressful, why do we have that system?
12:40: Mindfulness and our reactions
13:25: What makes people respond rather than react?
16:20: The “quantity” vs. “quality” effect of green and red zone experiences
20:40: The cumulative effect of negative experiences
21:45: How to limit the impact of negative experiences
23:05: The positive spiral of taking in good experiences

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