Being Well Podcast: Mindfulness

Being Well Podcast: Mindfulness

On this episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Rick Hanson begins this month’s topic of Mindfulness, particularly focusing on how we can use mindfulness in practical ways in the flow of our daily lives.

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0:45: What do we mean by “mindfulness”?
2:05: Two ways to apply mindfulness
3:45: Mindfulness as a tool
5:15: What are you using mindfulness to DO?
6:15: How can we use mindfulness to grow strengths?
9:00: The banquet table of life
10:10: Benefits and pitfalls of mindfulness
10:55: Why does mindfulness cause us to develop positive traits?
11:40: How can we become more mindful moment to moment?
13:00: The brain’s unreliable narration
14:25: Being mindful of our own tendencies
16:40: How to grow mindfulness

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